How to Wash and Soften Your Beard

#This is my weekly/ bi-weekly beard washing routine. I DO NOT shampoo my beard every day. This is my weekly routine. I condition my beard every day. I try to do it twice; once in the morning and again before bed. Shampoo has some harsh chemicals so try to stick to all- natural products. To ensure I get a good wash and rinse I use a Clarisonic. If you don’t have one, your hands will work just fine. Steps 1: Soak your beard with water 2. Generously apply a shampoo, preferably an all- natural shampoo 3. Rinse out shampoo 4. While beard is still wet/ damp, generously apply conditioner 5. Massage conditioner into your beard from root to end 6. Rinse conditioner out 7. Pat your beard dry with a towel



Hey thanks for tuning in this your boy Kirk Alton and I’m here with another beard care video for you. So there’s a lot of misconceptions floating around about how to wash your beard and how to take care of it, so what I’m gonna do is show you guys one of my routines that I use to moisturize my beard and just keep it healthy. I’m gonna walk you through this step-by-step so you can see exactly what I do for my routine. All right let’s get to it.

First things first I like to pick out everything just so I could get to every single strand of hair. Now when I’m usually doing this routine, I’m in the shower but for this video I’m gonna just use a little spray bottle. You want to soak your beard. Get it as wet as possible, all the way through the ends and then you add that shampoo. Be generous with the shampoo. Do not be stingy. Just a note about shampoo a; A lot of people make the mistake of washing their hair too much. Only once a week. That’s all you need. Sometimes I like to skip a week because I want my hair to keep those natural oils. Use a high-quality product, all natural ingredients. I’m not plugging nobody, it’s no free promotion here. But I will plug that Clarisonic you saw me using. We’ll talk about that little later.

But while you’re shampooing y’all, use cold water. That cold water smoothes your hair follicle, keeps it healthy, keeps that shine. And when you condition, wanna condition at least once a day, at least. I like to do it in the morning and at night sometimes, but you got to make sure you do it. That’s how you keep your hair healthy and moist. And that Clarisonic, you can use it when you condition and you shampoo, it helps get a deep penetration.

Now if you don’t got a Clarisonic, you can go through there with your fingers, you could use your fingernails a little bit to get a deep penetration, but regardless of what you do, you want to take care of that beard from root all the way to the end. Last thing when you’re drying that beard, do not rub the towel through. You want to pat it, fluff it. That helps prevent breakage. It keeps your beard looking healthy. So you’ll be looking like me.

3 Combs for RAPID Beard Growth

*Sorry,  I had an issue with the microphone, it’s best to listen with earphones*


On Instagram and Facebook, a lot of people have been sending me messages asking how do I grow my beard, what do I put in it. So, as I started answering those questions, I just decided to hop on YouTube and start making videos to help people who wanted to grow a full healthy beard.

So, what you find on this channel is just tips and tutorials that I used to start growing my beard and hopefully you get something out of it. I also rap, so you can check that out if you’re into that. I’ll be putting links in the descriptions of my videos. So, let’s get into it.

Today, what I’m gonna be showing you are three combs that you can use to stimulate . . . uuuh . . . oh (growth).

So if you know somebody who has curly hair, natural hair maybe a little kinky, then this first comb will look familiar to you. This is a natural hair comb, and I used something similar when I grew my beard. I use a natural hair pick. So you see the teeth kind of line up. And this is just what I use throughout the day. It’s a really good comb, it’s good for maintenance, you can comb throughout the day, keep the blood flowing.

I know a lot of women use this on their hair. It’s just a normal rat tail comb. I use this comb, the Kent 12T. The teeth on this are really similar. It’s a lot like the rat tail. And that’s a very special comb. In another video, I’ll be breaking down how to use the Kent 12T, but for now just know you need one in your arsenal. You need to comb with it. It’s really good for your hair growth.

So, yeah. Out of those three I just showed you, the two you want to use are the natural hair pick, this one’s good. Also, that natural hair comb. It’s a little big, but it works. And then the Kent. It’s an awesome comb, and again I recommend you use it. I don’t’ recommend using this rat tail comb. The teeth are spaced correctly, but this cheap plastic is not good for your beard.

You don’t want to use that Kent when your hair is dry. Use it right after you get out the shower, after you condition, take care of your beard. When your hair is wet. It’ll run right through, and it’ll stimulate some blood, get the hair growing. Like, don’t use it on dry hair. You gone be out here ripping your beard hairs out, you gone have split ends. And it’s not gone be good for you.

The afro, or the natural hair comb, this just slides through. It’s the one you can use dry. I use it dry all the time. And, it’s really, really useful . . . careful on the bottom.

You probably don’t want to walk around with this, but the same thing. Like, it’ll flow right through. I like this one better.

I’m not even gonna try to drag it through. It’s cheap plastic. I mean the teeth on it are good, but . . .

Just to recap, use a Kent 12T. Don’t use it when your hair is dry. Use a afro pick throughout the day, comb your hair with it. Or you can use a natural hair comb, it works just as good.

It will work. If you groom your beard correctly, you will see results. So, whatever you decide to do, whichever one you decide to buy, just make sure you stick with it and you do it regularly. So that’s the biggest thing when seeing results.