Kitchenware That Promotes Beard Growth

What’s up, it’s your boy Kirk Alton and I’m back with another beard care video. If you’re new to my channel, every Wednesday I’m posting videos to help you get your beard in tip-top shape. You know got tips for you, I got tricks you can use, and I even got a couple recipes. So if you haven’t checked out my channel, make sure you go look at some of the previous videos; like comment and subscribe if you like what you’re looking at. And if you have been to my channel before, then welcome back, I appreciate you coming back. But in addition to having an awesome beard, I rap and my EP “Such Is LIfe” just came out. You can check it out, the link is in the description. You can go to and download it absolutely free. You can stream it on the website as well.

What I’m going to show you today is some kitchen utensils that you can use to maximize the growth on your beard. Believe it or not, it’s a lot of stuff in the kitchen that you can actually use on your beard to get the most out of it.

So, a lot of people don’t think about this but measuring spoons are really dope for beard growth, and the reason why is when you’re using product—expensive product, mind you—it’s really important not to overuse the product. I went through this a lot when I first started growing my

beard. I would just overuse the product and slather it on there. Nothing bad comes from that. It’s always good, but it can cost a lot of money, since you waste the product. So for those of you who use premium beard care products, should definitely find a way to measure it out. For me, I’m a little OCD with it and I just developed the method I’m going to show you.

My beard balm is three ounces, and whenever I’m using my beard bomb, I use a ¼ teaspoon to measure it out. In the instructions, it talks about how you should use a dime sie, so I kind of figured that that’s about a dime size. So anytime I use my beard balm, I just dip this thing in there, take one scoop, and it takes care of my entire beard. If you want to work out the math, there are about, uuh . . . four of these equals one teaspoon, so this lasts 18 days. Now that’s a extremely small amount of beard balm. It’s some extra premium stuff I use, but I’m not plugging them because they they use me enough on their products and they’re making money off me when they should be paying me. But if you have more product, it’s going to clearly last longer. Just measure it out and you can you can even time it down to when you’re gonna need new products, so you can you order it ahead of time and never run out. You’ll know exactly how much you got and how long that supply lasts.

So the teaspoon is a bit bigger, and this gives you about a quarter size. So if you’re you’re reading instructions on something and it says use a quarter size, a teaspoon will do. I use this when when I’m using product to wash and condition my hair, because you need a bit more. With beard balm, you just need a little dab, but when you’re washing and conditioning, you want to use a bit more, so I use the teaspoon to do. This is Silk Elements Mega Silk Olive Conditioner. I hid it from you in the last video, but you it’s not a beard product so I figure I’ll show y’all what it is. I use this when I condition my beard. This is really good. It also has avocado and silk in it so, that keeps your beard soft and healthy. It’s actually for use on the hair on your head. I use it on my hair but I love to use it on my beard. This right here is 16 ounces and it’s not cheap. I just use one teaspoon when I condition and that lasts 96 days. Even if the product is expensive, especially shampoos and conditioners, if they come in bigger quantities, they’ll last a very long time. This lasts 96 days and that’s a little over three months and it’s only for my beard.

Again, this is all stuff that’s straight from the kitchen. You gotta do a little math but if you do, it is well worth it because you could calculate everything. In a couple videos I showed you guys the Clarisonic which is a really really good product for hair care. It’s used for face cleansing, but you can also wash and condition your hair. If you do, you can chop the amount of product used in half, so instead of using a whole teaspoon, use a half teaspoon. With a Clarisonic, you can get away with using a less product because it helps all of the products penetrate the shaft of

your hair, which is really really important because you can use less product and still get just as much out of it. So if you do have a Clarisonic, it really helps save product, and you can play around with it and figure out what you use. I just figured from my beard and my hair texture, I could split it in half. If you have finer hair, you can probably split it down even more, but it’s up to you. Just experiment and mess around with it. This is actually my girlfriend’s Clarisonic. It’s the Clarisonic Mia. They got one for guys, it’s black and orange and it looks real grisly. It has man grips on it, but this is the soft curvy female version. It doesn’t matter, though, ‘cause the same thing goes on your hair.

That pretty much covers it for the utensils, but I got one more utensil and a bonus for y’all. This is really special and I use it every now and then just to keep my hair moisturized. This is an apple cider vinegar hair mask. All the ingredients com right out of the kitchen. I recommend this brand, Bragg’s. Get it with the mother. All that means is there are just chunks of apples in it. It’s really healthy for you and without the mother, you’re gonna be missing out on a lot of nutrients. This is really nutritious for your hair. The oil in this recipe can be replaced with grapeseed oil or something like that. The last thing you need is honey. Use something organic. I use pure, raw honey, straight from a Texas bee farmer. It’s local, so if you can get some local honey, that’s really good because you get more nutrients this way.In another video, I’m gonna be explaining the actual recipe, but you need all these ingredients, oh and a little bit of water. It all goes in a shot glass. I’ll be showing you guys how to concoct this thing another time.

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So again, thanks for tuning in and until I see y’all again next Wednesday, Take Care . . . of your beard.